Save Electrical Money! In Just 3 Steps

With winter on full blast, it's sometimes difficult to keep track of your expenditures. Whenever you're facing this issue, it is important to look at the little things, like your electric bill. It may not be so little when you look at it. Because of this we gathered 3 tips to keep your electric bill friendly, now ... And for the upcoming year.

Check Your Water Heater's Thermostat

thermostatConstantly cranking your thermostat up or down makes your heater work harder. Every, single, time.

It's best to check it, and maintain at a specific temperature. Specially when it comes to your water heater. It can bring many savings for your electric bill.

Turning it off when you're gonna be out of your home for more than 8 hours is your best alternative, since it will not have to be constantly working to heat up sitting water. When looking to save some money on your bills, this is the best and easiest way to start.

Wash Your Clothes on Cold

temperatureNot only is this alternative eco-friendly, better for your clothes, but it also saves you money. Yes... Money!

For the most part most of us tend to wash clothes in warm or hot settings. Which honestly doesn't make a lott of sense since clothes can't feel temperature.

Doing this will save you energy once more, since it is tied directly to your water heater. Cutting off on this may just allow you to take an extra trip at the end of the year. Often it is thought of that saving small amounts of money is not worth it. However we believe that every single penny counts, and if there is a way that can make it happen without bothering anyone, then why not?

Replace Your Light Bulbs

usageSo let's talk lights. Do you use them excessively? are they on the whole day? There is simply no way to cut this when you don't want to give up the extra lighting in your house.

Other than simply not using your lights too much, and opening up windows, there is another way that you can cut electric use. LED lighting. Their efficiency, warmth and affordability is one of the best advancements in modern technology.

They were usually known for being holiday lights, however, their high quality had people wondering, why not take them inside? And this is where we come in! With upfront pricing we will come to you, ready to install.

LED lights will usually cost your bill about 0.75 cents per hour, whereas a normal lightbulb would cost you 6 cents per hour! The savings are honestly jaw-dropping.

So don't hesitate, we really just want to help our neighbors in Montgomery, AL. Call us for more questions at (334)215-1782 or simply for some holiday cheer! Our trusted professionals at Trustworthy Electric are ready to pick up.