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In our modern age, we can bet your home’s outlets are used on a daily basis. From cell phones and tablets to appliances and electric cars, we know how important it is that you have safe, accessible power in every room of the house.

Trustworthy Electric has repaired and replaced countless outlets in Montgomery, AL since we opened shop in 1994. Your safety is our first priority, and we’re here to help you avoid electrical catastrophes. We always give honest solutions to our customers and we offer up-front pricing. Our same-day repairs give you power over the electrical currents in your home!

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We provide electrical service in:

  • Lighting Installation
  • Electrical Panel Replacement
  • Home Wiring
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Electrical Troubleshooting & Repairs
  • Commercial Service
  • Wiring Replacement

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Take Precautions With GFCI Outlet Installation

Have you noticed a “test” or “reset” button on outlets in other homes or businesses? These are called ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets and protect your family from the dangers of electricity. These are especially important in kitchens and bathrooms where water is present.

Instead of a fuse behind your electrical panel protecting your home, the protection is placed directly in the outlet. This provides added safety from electrical shock and fires. If you have children in your home or want to take extra precautions for your family, we can help with a simple GFCI installation.

Modernize Your Home With USB Outlets

Many of our modern devices don’t use a standard plug-in but instead, rely on a USB to stay operational. If you have a household full of electronics, we can increase your access to USB charging capabilities.

We can add USB outlets to your home office, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house that needs it! USB outlets make for a convenient option when a standard outlet just won’t do. This is an affordable upgrade that can bring substantial convenience to your modern needs.

Proper Home Safety With AFCI Outlets

While codes might not have required AFCI outlets in the past, they’re highly recommended to keep your family safe. Arc-fault circuit interrupters protect you from dangers due to arcing. This could be from damaged wiring or a device that’s overheating.

AFCI’s shut down your outlets before any danger or damage occurs. This is a quick upgrade to your main service panel and can be easily incorporated to keep your family and property protected from electrical hazards.

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