Meet the team

President Randy Jones

Started Trustworthy in 1994 when he was 27 years old

Reasons he started the business:
  • Desired to help people in need of electrical service
  • Saw a need in the construction/contracting industry for up-standing and “trustworthy” business
  • Wanted to provide quality customer service
Four kids
  • Twin boys Caleb (oldest) and Joshua - 24
  • Megan – 23
  • Semira – 21
Currently married to Shaleta Jones for 27 years Most inspiring part of his job:
  • Loves to provide comfort to customers by creating answers to their problems
  • Fishing
  • Riding bikes
  • Weight-lifting
  • Spending time with family
Top of bucket list:
  • Fishing for peacock bass in the Amazon
Favorite Holiday:
  • Christmas
What he wanted to be when he grew up
  • Didn’t know which career he wanted to go into, but definitely knew he wanted to start a business
Dream vacation:
  • Paris
Director of Finance Shaleta Jones

Best part of her job is helping people

Currently married to Randy Jones for 27 years Four kids
  • Twin boys Caleb (oldest) and Joshua - 24
  • Megan – 23
  • Semira – 21
  • Horse-back riding
  • Camping
  • Sewing
  • Decorating
Talent/Skill that no one knows about:
  • Very good at sewing
Favorite Holiday:
  • 4th of July
What she wanted to be when she grew up
  • Business administrator
Dream vacation:
  • Paris
  • Africa
  • Japan
Technician Joshua Jones

How long he’s been with the company (about 10 years)

10 years old
  • always wanted to take-over the business, so every summer he would ride to work with Randy and watch him work
18 years old
  • Right after graduating high school, he started working full-time as a helper for the company
Future aspirations at the company:
  • Become the CEO of the company
An impressive feat:
  • From ages 18 – 21, he attended CEFA (trade training program) where he gained his electrician’s license
  • He attended night classes while working a full-time job
Favorite Holiday:
  • Christmas
  • Fishing
Favorite Movie:
  • The Magnificent Seven
Marketing & Operations Administrator Semira Jones

How long she’s been with the company: (8 years)

12 years old
  • Once a week during the summer, she would accompany Shaleta Jones to work where she would complete simple tasks such as filing or helping scan documents
  • Over the years, Shaleta Jones would spend time training her to where eventually she started taking on more responsibilities inside the company
18 years old
  • When she was a senior in high school, she started working part-time after school
18 years old – present
  • After graduating high school, she immediately started working full-time during the summer months
  • When she attended college in the fall, she returned to working part-time
Future Aspirations at the company Best part of her job:
  • Meeting new people
  • Making connections
  • Using creativity and organizational skills to positively impact the company
  • Horseback riding
  • Play volleyball
Technician Stephen Thorne

Years at the Company: 1 year

  • Bird watching
Bucket list:
  • Skydive without an instructor
  • Camp out in Fairbanks, Alaska during aurora season.
  • Canyon swing at the grand canyon.
  • Sleep at the bottom of the grand canyon.
  • Visit every country.
When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up: I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.
Technician Charles Bennett

Years at the company

  • 1 year
Five Kids
  • Lafeal (31 years old)
  • Adrienne Lasha (30 years old)
  • Charles Anthony (24 years old)
  • Karly (19 years old)
  • Mathias (2 years old)
Currently married to Renata Bennett for 3 years Hobbies
  • Playing basketball
  • Coaching
Most inspiring part of his job

Working beside an amazing group of technicians

Top of his bucket list
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty
A talent the not many people know about
  • He is an amazing cook
CSR & Dispatcher Jessica Coats

Years with the company

  • 1 years
Two kids
  • Jayden (14 years old)
  • Bobby (7 years old)
  • Christopher (4 years old)
Most inspiring part of her job:
  • Helping and assisting customers with their electrical needs
  • Repurposing furniture
  • Off-roading
  • Camping
Bucket List:
  • Ride on an airboat in the Bayou
  • Hold a baby alligator
Dream vacation:
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Greece
  • The Amazon Rainforest