Montgomery Smoke Detector Installation

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Protecting your home and keeping your family safe is at the forefront of our minds. That’s why we encourage homeowners to check that their smoke detectors are in optimal locations and are working properly.

If you need to update or add detectors to improve the safety of your home, we can help! We’ve been keeping families in Montgomery, AL safe from fire since 1994. Our trusted electricians can carefully assess the layout and size of your home to ensure you have ample warning in case of an emergency.

We offer countless electrical services for your needs:

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  • Electrical Panel Replacement
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Don’t risk your personal or property safety with unreliable smoke detectors. Let us inspect your home to keep detectors in working order!

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Cooking With Fire

Kitchens are one of the most common places for a fire to occur. Electricity, gas ranges and ovens all have an element of risk that homeowners should prepare for. Smoke detector placement is incredibly important.

They should be near enough to detect danger, without alerting you every time you fry bacon!
We can check your cooking area to see if your detectors are functioning correctly and properly placed. We’ll give you the price before the project begins so you know exactly what to expect.

Safety First With Smoke Detector Repair

Has it been a while since you’ve tested your smoke detectors? Were they installed years before you moved in? Are they placed strategically to keep your family safe? There’s a lot of thought that goes into smoke detector installation and we’ve made many advancements over the years.

If you have an older home, components and sensors in your detectors may have worn out. We can test each of your smoke detectors and repair them if needed. We’re known for our honesty, and will only recommend repairs if needed. We’ll protect your family and your wallet!

Newer Smoke Detector Installation

Over the years, new advancements allow smoke detectors to better protect your home. Relying on battery-operated devices that are simply attached to the wall might not cut it in case of emergency.

We can suggest modern detectors that are hard-wired to protect your home. New technology also provides more than just an alert for smoke from a fire. You can be warned of dangers like carbon monoxide. We’re happy to answer all your smoke detector-related questions. Call today to discuss your needs!

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