Use Fans to Help Save Money this Summer

July is a great time of year filled with Fourth of July celebrations, vacations, pool parties and barbecues with friends and family. It’s also often an incredibly hot and humid month, and many end up turning to their thermostats to try to stay comfortable.

This can lead to overworking your HVAC unit and prohibitive electrical bills. It’s a practice that’s bad for the environment and your wallet.

The good news, however, is that there are lots of things you can do to avoid falling into this habit, from staying hydrated to using window coverings to block the sun.

Today we’ll talk specifically about fans and the many ways that you can utilize them to keep your home cooler, take the pressure off of your HVAC system and lower your electrical bill.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

useceilingfansCeiling fans can be a great way to help you feel cooler and to brighten up your room. While they don’t actually lower the temperature in your house, the breeze that they create adds a wind chill which makes you feel more comfortable in warmer temperatures.

Regularly using these throughout your house can lead to significant savings - in some cases, they can help you save as much as 30% on your utility bill. In addition to adding efficiency and improving comfort, they also add extra lighting to rooms and can serve as a decorative addition to any room in your home.

If you don’t already have ceiling fans installed throughout your house, consider adding them throughout to save energy, brighten your home and help you stay more comfortable all year long. (Note: selecting fans that are Energy Star rated will allow you to save even more on your electrical bill).

Don’t Forget About Handheld Fans

handheldfansHandheld fans are often used as a decorative touch and rarely utilized for cooling. However, they can actually be a very effective and relaxing way to stay cool on the hottest days.

So, if you have some handheld fans around, take advantage of them, and if you don’t, consider adding a few throughout your house.

On a hot afternoon or evening, sit back, relax and let these personal fans provide some immediate relief. They give you instant comfort without putting any added pressure on your HVAC unit. So, put these to work as often as you can.

Standing Fans Have their Place

standingfansWhile it’s never a good idea to keep something constantly plugged in, standing fans can nevertheless provide additional support on hot days or for special events.

If you know you’re going to have a lot of people in the house on a hot day, standing fans can be the perfect solution. Using these throughout the house during parties or get-togethers can keep everyone cool without putting additional pressure on the thermostat.

So keep some standing fans on hand and don’t be afraid to use them during your next summer event. Please share this post with any friends you have that are looking to save a little money on their electrical bill this summer. And, if you have any questions about installing fans, call Trustworthy Electric today at (334) 215-1782.


Save a Life and Check Your Smoke Detector this May

Smoke detectors play a critical role in keeping our families and homes safe from fire and smoke poisoning. We often forget to take care of our smoke detectors by routinely changing the batteries and making sure they’re working properly.

However, it’s important not to wait until it’s too late to check your smoke detectors as waiting can be the fine line between a life and death situation. Depending on the type of system you have in your home, battery-operated or wired, you should be checking your detectors routinely. And if you don’t, chances are you’ll be in the fool category well past April.

Only Fools Ignore Smoke Detector Upkeep

Although April Fools' Day has already passed, if you haven’t checked your smoke detectors in a while, you might still be a fool. Smoke detectors keep us safe and alert us when danger is near.

Although we don’t really think much about them (not until they’re beeping like crazy when you forgot to turn the stove vent on) they are extremely important to our health.

A few of the reasons it’s important to have working smoke detectors in your home include:

  • Prevent smoke inhalation: Oftentimes, many people are injured or unfortunately die in house fires not necessarily from the fire itself but from the inhalation of smoke.
  • Early fire detection: If you are sleeping or in a different room, you may be unaware that a fire has started in your home. A smoke detector will alert you right away so you and your family can quickly get to safety.
  • Insurance discounts: Most homeowners insurance plans will give you some kind of discount if you have smoke detectors installed throughout the home.

The Importance of Being Safe with Electricity

Electrical safety is very important in any setting. Although we use electricity daily, there is always a risk associated with using it, especially if not used correctly. If damaged or misused, serious shock and burn injuries can occur. When dealing with electrical projects, you should never attempt a DIY project.

Professional electricians are the best people for the job as they are properly trained in electrical safety and are knowledgeable about what not to do. While changing the battery on your smoke detector is simple, if you have a system that’s wired directly into your home, you want to be sure you get an expert to help for replacement or repair.

Choosing Your Reliable Tradesmen

As stated above, it is always advised to contact a professional electrician when dealing with anything electricity related. The main hazards associated with electricity are shocks and burns, and of course, the risk of fire.

Have you ever attempted a DIY electrical project that didn’t go as planned? What were some of the mistakes you made and what lessons would you say you learned?

Next time you have a problem with an electrical system, don’t hesitate to give your reliable electricians here at Trustworthy Electric a call at (334) 215-1782 and we’ll be glad to assist in all of your electrical endeavors!


3 Tips For Electrical Savings When You Spring Forward

Every spring when daylight savings rolls around we’re thrilled to welcome the longer days. The anticipation of long summer days turning into those sweet summer nights is what gets us through the winter. But what we’re not thinking about is how those longs days are making your electrical use rise.

It’s common sense if you really think about it: longer, warmer days means lowering the air conditioning for a longer period of time, resulting in a higher bill. So this spring as the days begin to lengthen try implementing a few of these tips and help alleviate your HVAC unit and keep your bill at a steady price!

Give Your A/C a Break

cleanairLonger days mean longer hours where you need to use your air conditioning system. The long, hot summer days usually have us reaching for the thermostat to slap it down to a satisfying degree that will act as a frigid escape from the heat.

But wait before you touch the thermostat! Try turning on the fans in your house and moving the already cooled air around a bit. This movement will give the effect of a nice breeze and allow you to leave your thermostat at a higher temperature without sacrificing comfort.

Also, set your temperature at a higher setting, possibly 75, and allow your family to get used to it. This could help limit the runtime during the day.

Let in The Natural Light

naturallightOn those beautiful, mild Spring days we often enjoy in March, April and May, give your electricity bill a break by turning off the lights and letting in the natural light.

The sun is our best light and can cast warm and comforting rays into your home, unlike the unnatural overhead lighting we are all used to.

Giving your home lighting a break will also help ease the strain on your eyes from overhead and other lights in your home.

When we spring forward in March you’re able to benefit from the natural light for an even longer amount of time. Also, this can cut down on the wear and tear your indoor lighting undergoes daily, limiting the amount you need to replace every so often.

Hang Dry Your Laundry

hanglaundryAnother way to take advantage of those long daylight savings days is to hang dry your laundry. Dryers can use an unexpected amount of energy and add to your electricity bill in a big way.

Especially when you’re talking about doing laundry for a family of four (or more!) So daylight savings is the time to think about stringing a line in your backyard to hang dry your laundry.

You’ll get the benefit of a natural smell and alleviate your electricity bill at the same time. This is just a start on the ways you can save on your electric bill when daylight savings rolls around.

If you’re looking for more tips head to www.trustworthyelectric.net or call Trustworthy Electric at (334) 215-1782. So this year welcome daylight savings time with a plan to keep your electrical savings high and your electrical usage low!


Save Electrical Money! In Just 3 Steps

With winter on full blast, it's sometimes difficult to keep track of your expenditures. Whenever you're facing this issue, it is important to look at the little things, like your electric bill. It may not be so little when you look at it. Because of this we gathered 3 tips to keep your electric bill friendly, now ... And for the upcoming year.

Check Your Water Heater's Thermostat

thermostatConstantly cranking your thermostat up or down makes your heater work harder. Every, single, time.

It's best to check it, and maintain at a specific temperature. Specially when it comes to your water heater. It can bring many savings for your electric bill.

Turning it off when you're gonna be out of your home for more than 8 hours is your best alternative, since it will not have to be constantly working to heat up sitting water. When looking to save some money on your bills, this is the best and easiest way to start.

Wash Your Clothes on Cold

temperatureNot only is this alternative eco-friendly, better for your clothes, but it also saves you money. Yes... Money!

For the most part most of us tend to wash clothes in warm or hot settings. Which honestly doesn't make a lott of sense since clothes can't feel temperature.

Doing this will save you energy once more, since it is tied directly to your water heater. Cutting off on this may just allow you to take an extra trip at the end of the year. Often it is thought of that saving small amounts of money is not worth it. However we believe that every single penny counts, and if there is a way that can make it happen without bothering anyone, then why not?

Replace Your Light Bulbs

usageSo let's talk lights. Do you use them excessively? are they on the whole day? There is simply no way to cut this when you don't want to give up the extra lighting in your house.

Other than simply not using your lights too much, and opening up windows, there is another way that you can cut electric use. LED lighting. Their efficiency, warmth and affordability is one of the best advancements in modern technology.

They were usually known for being holiday lights, however, their high quality had people wondering, why not take them inside? And this is where we come in! With upfront pricing we will come to you, ready to install.

LED lights will usually cost your bill about 0.75 cents per hour, whereas a normal lightbulb would cost you 6 cents per hour! The savings are honestly jaw-dropping.

So don't hesitate, we really just want to help our neighbors in Montgomery, AL. Call us for more questions at (334)215-1782 or simply for some holiday cheer! Our trusted professionals at Trustworthy Electric are ready to pick up.