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Is your home a relaxing escape from the daily grind? Do you look forward to winding down over a candlelit meal on Fridays? Do you have a dedicated space for entertaining guests on the weekends? Dimmer lighting is a popular choice for homeowners who love adapting their home to their personal needs.

Trustworthy Electric can quickly and safely install dimmer lighting and switches to your home in Montgomery, AL. Since 1994, we’ve been helping the locals transform their lighting to fit every activity, event, and holiday. Our technicians can recommend the appropriate brands and styles based on the fixtures you want to adjust. We’ll make honest suggestions to save you from unnecessary costs. We always provide our customers with up-front pricing, so you know just what to expect on your lighting project:

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We’ll make it affordable to add soft, ambient lighting to your home with these coupons!

Automatic Atmosphere With Programmable Dimmers

There’s a wide range of products on the market when it comes time to add dimmer lighting to your home. These can range from a few bucks to the hundred dollar range. We can help you choose a dimmer switch with all the features you need.

When you want the ultimate in natural, atmospheric lighting, we can offer recommendations on programmable dimmer switches. These will set your lighting automatically based on your preferences. You can choose settings that complements the natural lighting in your home. It’s also a great way to save money by only using bright lighting when you need it!

Accurate Dimmer Switch Installation

If you’ve retrofitted your home with LED lamps and lighting, dimmer switches may not be the right choice in every instance. Certain LEDs aren’t meant to be dimmed, and we can help you determine if adding a dimmer switch is a feasible option.

Our skilled technicians can quickly assess your needs and investigate the current lighting in your home. We’ll help you choose dimmer switch makes and models that will work well with the fixtures you already have, saving you money on the whole project!

Saving Power With Soft Lighting

If energy efficiency is your top concern, and your often looking for ways to lower your power bill, dimmable lighting is a great addition!

Adding dimmer switches to your home allows you to only use the amount of lighting you really need. Paired with LED lights, the savings can be significant. We can also offer professional suggestions for sensor lighting to save you even more!

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