Montgomery Electrical Code Violation Repair

Don’t risk your home being out of code, stay safe and in compliance with professional code compliance service.

Home electrical can be incredibly complex. Not only do you have to make sure it gets done right, you also want to make sure it gets done up to code for a variety of safety and financial reasons. Cutting corners or going with an electrician you don’t know or trust can lead to a host of expensive issues. Fortunately, at Trustworthy Electric in Montgomery, AL, you can expect accurate service and we’ll make sure everything is done up to code. If you’re out of compliance, we can assist you in getting back up to code!

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Common Electrical Code Violations

Although you want to be sure your electrical is completed by a professional, you may be in a position where you’re buying a home or undergoing a renovation on existing electrical and may encounter some common problems that could cause a code violation. Here are some issues you may encounter:

  • New lights with old wiring: New lighting can be too powerful for your old wires. We can correct this by installing a splice box or other solution.
  • Knob and tube wiring: Older homes may have knob and tube wiring which is considered extremely dangerous today because the wires are not grounded. We can rewire your home to ensure that it is up to code.
  • Recessed lighting: recessed lighting should not be in direct contact with insulation. This is a fire risk. We can replace your lighting or move attic insulation so that it isn’t in contact with lights.
  • Overcrowding: Overcrowded wires can lead to electrical fires. We can cut away any damaged wire and ensure that only the appropriate amount of wiring is installed in each hole.
  • Illegal splicing: Spliced wires are illegal and can be dangerous if not contained within a junction box. We can install the junction box to ensure that there are no hazardous conditions in your home.
  • Breaker box code violations: This is one of the most important electrical safety concerns. This is the master system for electrical in your home. We can make sure it’s done right!

Reasons You Might Have a Code Violation

There are many reasons you might have a code violation in your home. You may have purchased a home without knowing about hidden code violations. You may be looking to renovate your home and wanting to ensure that you don’t have to deal with expensive violations down the line. Here are some common reasons you might have a code violation:

  • DIY work
  • Electrical errors
  • Shoddy workmanship by an inexperienced contractor
  • Purchasing an old home
  • Missing smoke alarms

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Professional Code Compliance Services

Code compliance issues can be expensive. They lead to costly fines that need to be taken care of as soon as possible in order to ensure the safety of your home. When it comes to electrical code compliance, you don’t want to leave it to just anyone. You want to make sure you have a trusty professional on your side that knows what they’re doing. Trustworthy Electric is your go-to electrician for code violation repair in Montgomery. We make sure you have everything you need in place for accurate, long-lasting results. You can expect:

  • Upfront pricing
  • Prompt, on-time service
  • Licensed, bonded & insured

Get your home up to code and feel confident and safe! Our professional electrical contractors can help. Call Trustworthy Electric in Montgomery, AL today at (334) 215-1782 to schedule your service and inspection.