Saving Money With Holiday Decorations Around the Home

Save Money with Energy-Efficient Christmas Decorations 

As families prepare to celebrate Christmas with outdoor lighting displays and holiday decor that further drive electric bills up, there is something that homeowners can do to lower their electric bills without sacrificing the special traditions that make the season feel magical. Here are a few tips from local experts to keep the home looking festive with Christmas decorations while saving money on power bills. 

Upgrade Christmas Lights to LED Lightslights

Christmas decorations can last for many years. Often homeowners find themselves hanging the same outdated lighting up year after year as they decorate. Not only will it look dated and be potentially dangerous, but old lighting also draws a lot of unnecessary power, causing power bills to go up. 

Instead of paying higher utility bills for outdated exterior lighting year after year, upgrade incandescent lights to LED lights. LED lights provide brighter lights for lower electric costs than old light strands and come in all the styles a homeowner could want. Additionally, they will last much longer than incandescent lighting strands, which saves on early replacement costs. This year, bring Christmas into the 21st century and save money simultaneously with LED lights

Battery-Operated Decorations 

Battery-operated holiday decorations are a great way to reduce the amount of electricity being used and save money because they use no power. Battery-operated lights can be used in garlands and wreaths for extra sparkle or hung from ceilings and walls to create a festive atmosphere. 

Battery-operated candles make a great addition to any holiday table, while battery-operated figurines can bring jolly vibes to the home. Holiday music boxes that run on batteries are also available, bringing an extra festive touch to the decor. Battery-operated decorations allow for flexibility when it comes to decor placement because they don’t need to be plugged into an outlet and make great additions to any holiday display. With a wide variety of styles and colors available, it's easy to find battery-operated decorations that fit any decor style.

Burn Candles 

candlesThe last recommendation is a classic. Before electric lighting, holiday celebrants lit candles to add to the festive atmosphere. This option is still a cost-effective option for decorating since they require no power at all, and they add a new, elegant dimension to a home’s holiday decorations. 

As a word of warning, burning candles should always be done with safety in mind. Never leave candles burning unattended, and ensure they have plenty of clearance between them and their surroundings. Keep candles in approved holders so they don’t scorch the surfaces upon which they sit, and always ensure the home’s smoke detectors are working to protect the house and its residents.  

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