Ways to Improve the Electrical System for 2023

3 Electrical Improvements to Make in the Home This Year

Everyone may be tired of hearing about New Year's resolutions, but it’s time to set some goals for the new year. Goals are especially important for homeowners because they help them plan for updates around the home that keep their homes safe. 

This year, set the goal to make sure the electrical system is ready for the new year. Home electrical systems are very reliable, so homeowners can forget about them over the years until repairs become very costly or outdated equipment becomes dangerous. Get back on track in 2023 with these recommendations from local electrical experts. 

Avoid Overloading Circuits 

circuitOverloading circuits is one of the most inconvenient and dangerous things to do in the home. When circuits get overloaded, the most common inconvenience is a loss of power to the circuit because the breaker flips. This makes the homeowner go out of their way to restore power. When circuits are chronically overloaded, they can become dangerous from overheating and cause an electrical fire that can devastate a home. 

This year, make a promise to stop overloading circuits. Make it a point to spread electrical loads out to different circuits in the home. To help prevent an overloaded circuit, homeowners can: 

  • Reduce the number of powerstrips plugged into circuits and never plug power strips into each other
  • Only allow electricians to install new legs of a circuit
  • Make a map of circuits in the home and spread devices out amongst them
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances and lights to reduce overall electrical usage
  • Unplug high-wattage appliances if smoke is smelled or breakers are tripped

Remember to Have Electrical Inspections 

Electrical inspections are an essential part of keeping homes and businesses safe. By checking all the electrical wiring, outlets, and appliances, potential hazards can be identified and corrected before they cause harm. Electrical inspections also ensure that a home or business's wiring is up to code, which helps to prevent fires and other disasters. Additionally, inspections can reveal any hidden damage to electrical systems and help identify signs of wear and tear that need attention. 

By identifying potential hazards and correcting them before they become a problem, a lot of stress, money, and danger can be avoided in the long run.  Electrical inspections are a wise investment in both safety and peace of mind.  Plus, they may even help to lower insurance premiums! Scheduling an electrical inspection for electrical wiring and outlets can prevent damage from overheated wiring and electrical fires that would be far more costly than updates. 

Replace Damaged Electrical Wiring and Outlets 

outletIgnoring old or damaged wires and outlets can have serious consequences. Faulty electrical wiring can cause fires, electrocution, and other dangerous incidents. Additionally, older wiring may not be able to support the current power needs of a home or business. This can lead to various issues, from blown circuits to overloaded wires. 

People should also be mindful of any exposed wiring, as this can pose a serious risk. Exposed wires are not only a fire hazard but can also cause an electric shock if touched. Regularly checking for exposed wiring and ensuring that all wires are properly insulated and secured will help keep a home or business safe. 

Ignoring old or damaged outlets is also risky and can have dire consequences for both the home and personal safety. Electrical outlets can become worn over time, and outlets that are not properly maintained can become unsafe. If outlets become loose or cracked, they can cause dangerous electrical shocks. Inspecting outlets for signs of damage regularly and having them repaired or replaced if necessary is vital.

An experienced electrician should be consulted to handle any wiring or outlet issues safely and properly.  By taking the necessary precautions, homeowners can ensure that their wiring and outlets are up-to-date and functioning correctly. Doing so will provide peace of mind and help protect the home or business from potential harm.

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