Lighting Automation Benefits to Consider

What You Need to Know About Lighting Automation!

Automation Advances in the Home With Lighting Automation

Automation is everywhere, and even though some people aren’t as receptive to technological change, it’s easy to see that it does make life a lot simpler. Automatic payments for mortgage or utility bills make sure that people are never late on a payment. Automated emails when a purchase is made give the buyer peace of mind knowing that their order was received. Automated reminders for meetings and appointments keep people on schedule and on time. And automation in household appliances and systems, like the lighting in a house, adds safety features and greater efficiency in a home. 

In this article, homeowners can learn about automated lights, their benefits, and the best ways to maintain them over time.

What are Automated Lights?

Controlling Lights Through a TabletAutomated lighting, also known as smart lighting, is growing rapidly in popularity. These systems are connected to a WiFi network, so it can be controlled remotely through a mobile or desktop app. This allows homeowners to set a schedule for having the lights turn on and off, and allows them to adjust the lights when they are away from home.

Smart light bulbs can be found online on Amazon or other retail sites. Just be sure to check whether the bulbs are compatible with any existing home automation systems that are in place. The smart light bulbs simply screw into the normal sockets in the ceiling, and then it just takes a little bit of time to create commands that group the lights together to dim them or turn them on and off.

Benefits of Automated Light Bulbs

Benefits of Automated Light Bulbs

In some cases, people can look at a product and think “who on Earth would use that, it doesn’t provide any value!” But when it comes to automated products, like smart lights, they were built with many benefits in mind.

  • More convenience: As with anything automated, the main purpose is to increase efficiency and convenience for the user. For example, if a baby is sleeping in the nursery, but the light in the hall is on, someone would have to quietly creep into the hall to turn off the light and potentially wake the baby. But with automated lighting, it’s more convenient because the light can be turned off remotely through a mobile app.
  • More money saved: Most automated lights are LED lights, which use less energy than incandescent bulbs. Plus automated lights have a lifespan of up to 25 times longer than a traditional bulb. This saves on new lightbulb purchases and on utility bills.
  • More security: Smart lights can also be programmed to turn on and off when motion is detected in a room. If this happens, an alert is sent notifying the homeowner of the motion either indoors or outdoors.

Electrical Maintenance for Automated Lighting

Electrical Maintenance for Automated LightingAs mentioned, smart light bulbs can last for a very long time, up to 50,000 hours. Therefore, the light bulbs themselves won’t need to be switched out as frequently as traditional bulbs. However, an automated lighting system is still connected to the same electrical system as before, which needs regular maintenance

This includes keeping water away from any outlets, ensuring that all circuits are grounded properly, replacing any frayed wires, and checking for rust or other damage on the electrical panel. Taking these precautions allows the home to stay safe and sound as it should be. 

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