Answers to Popular Sustainable Energy FAQs From Homeowners

Go “Green” for St. Patrick’s Day with Renewable Energy Sources

Homeowners should forget about wearing the color green this St. Patrick’s Day and instead focus on giving their home’s electrical system a “green” energy makeover. Not only does switching to “green” energy sources help to save the Earth from the effects of climate change, but it also helps to save the homeowner money on utility bills. Keep reading to learn more about how integrating sustainable energy sources at home can save homeowners money! 

The Different Types of Green Energy

green energyThere are a few different types of sustainable energy that can be found in modern homes. 

Solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass are the most popular forms of renewable energy. Solar energy uses solar panels to convert energy from the sun into electricity. This is probably the most popular and accessible form of “green” energy. 

Wind power uses the motion of a turbine to create power. As the wind blows the turbine's blades in a circular motion, it triggers a reaction in a connected electrical generator to create kinetic energy. Hydroelectric systems also use a turbine to generate electricity through kinetic energy by using moving water instead of wind. 

Geothermal heat transfer systems take the heat from the Earth and transform it into energy for the home. Biomass is a type of fuel produced out of sustainable resources such as scraps from construction sites and animal manure. 


Reasons to Switch to Green Energy

It is surprisingly easy and affordable to switch to renewable energy! Homeowners who are holding back on integrating renewable energy solutions into their homes because they believe it is too expensive will be interested to hear that there are government incentives that can make switching to green energy super affordable! Government rebate programs reimburse homeowners for the price of installing solar panels or wind turbines.  

Homeowners can feel good about switching to renewable energy and lessening their home’s environmental impact. Everyone should do their part to try to be kind to the environment. Switching to green energy can also significantly reduce utility bills for homeowners! 


Which Renewable Energy Source Is the Best?

The two most popular types of renewable energy are solar power and wind power. For most people, solar power is going to be the best option because of affordability and accessibility. It is easy to install solar panels almost anywhere! They are often installed on top of the roof of the house. With government rebate programs, installing solar panels is super affordable. 

Using wind power is a little more complicated than solar energy because of the space it takes to operate a wind turbine successfully. Not only is space a factor, but also the wind is a less predictable resource than the sun. Overall, solar power is the number one pick for homeowners looking to give their home’s electrical system a “green” makeover. 

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As Earth Month Comes To a Close, Learn About Alternative Energy!

What Is Alternative Energy?

Since fossil fuels are polluting the Earth's air, clean, renewable energy is by far the best route to go for producing electricity. Renewable energy can power an entire city such as New York City without producing any greenhouse gases, thus keeping the breathing air free of toxic fumes and prevent the global climate from progressing.

There is a multitude of renewable energy sources, some well known and others are on the down-low. Below are the three most common alternative energy sources.

  1. Wind Energy
  2. Solar Energy
  3. Nuclear Energy

Renewable Energy for Better Electricity

wind energy Wind Energy: Wind energy is an incredibly renewable and accessible natural source of energy. Since the natural element, wind, is not leaving Earth any time in our human lifespans, it is entirely renewable. A wind turbine produces zero greenhouse emissions and will provide energy for decades.
  • Solar Energy: Solar energy is the most commonly known source of alternative energy as it comes directly from the sun. Similar to wind energy, solar energy is entirely renewable and will provide energy for years. The only thing to note about solar energy is that since the sun can deteriorate materials over time, the mechanics used for solar energy can also deteriorate. 
  • Nuclear Energy: Nuclear energy is arguably the cleanest and best way to produce natural electricity for mass populations. Nuclear energy is harvested by splitting an atom to gain its heat, i.e., energy. The process is called fission. Bill Gates is known for putting New York City on the grid for 100 percent nuclear energy. He claims that the size of a penny full of nuclear energy will power the entire city for many years by doing so safely.

Alternative Clean Energy Homeowners Don’t Think About

Other possibilities for alternative energy besides the three potential sources listed above do include the following.

  • Geothermal power
  • Wave energy
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Space solar energy

Geothermal energy comes from the Earth. Wave and hydroelectric power are harnessed by water, and solar thermal energy and space solar energy come from the sun.

solar energy

The Perks of Alternative Energy

Fossil fuel is damaging our environment. Burning it to gain energy is affecting our climate and destroying our Ozone layers. By switching to alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, or nuclear, we can avoid further catastrophic damage. 

Think about it. We have gone through a pandemic for nearly a year and a half. The scientist has stated that they have found a dramatic change such as air pollution diminishing and water quality improving since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic.

By harnessing the power of the sun, water, and wind for electricity, there is a better chance of decreasing the planet's pollution levels.

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