The Black Inventors Who Revolutionized Home Electricity

Meet Three Black Inventors Who Changed the Modern Home

Black inventors created many electrical services and tools. This black history month, homeowners should highlight, read, learn, and reflect on their courageous and spectacular lives.

Without all of these black inventors, homeowners would not have everyday things at home like the light bulb, microphones, and home security systems.

Lewis Latimer and his Carbon Light Bulb Filament

Lewis Latimer was a black inventor and an essential part of the history of electricity. Although everyone likes to credit Thomas Edison for creating the first light bulb, this is only partially true.

While Thomas Edison did create the first version of a light bulb to have a patent, it was not feasible and could not be used by everyone. Lewis Latimer, at the time, a brilliant man with an engineering degree, was working at the U.S. Electric Lighting Company when he got the inspiration for his carbon light bulb filament.

He worked hard on his idea, to the point where his dream of transporting electricity to all households was met! The material in his version of a light bulb was easier to find and create than the past version.

james e west


James E. West and the Electret Condenser Microphone

James E West shares credit for this invention with Gerhard Sessler. Although this is true, he did the bulb of the work when creating an electret condenser microphone. This black inventor created the small microphone in hopes that everyone could use it.

For once, a microphone was small enough to implant into objects. Not only was it small enough to be impressive, but the electret condenser microphone did not need an ample power supply to run.

Where are these microphones used now? Everywhere! Homeowners should applaud these two inventors as their version of a microphone is now seen on home security systems, phones, tablets, and more!


Mary Van Brittan Brown and the Home Security System

maryMary Van Brittan Brown is an attractive woman. Unlike the men in this list, this black woman inventor first started her career as a nurse. Her husband worked with electricity, creating a small rudimentary security system.

Her version of the home security system was miniature, but it worked rather well! The reason she created it was because she felt unsafe. She and her husband came home, left for work at odd hours, and did not live in a safe neighborhood.

The home security system she invented had a two-way communication device. Meaning when someone tripped the alarm, it would call another person, and they could communicate and help with the situation. Home security systems are more advanced but use the same primary invention.

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Electricity 101: Electrical Knowledge To Take Back to School

Learning the Basics

It’s that time of year again—time for kids to head back to school. With the school year being interrupted over the last couple of years, kids and parents alike are looking forward to it. To celebrate the occasion, local Montgomery electricians are here to help! As a homeowner, there is no excuse to be left in the dark about the electricity in a home. Knowing more about this important utility empowers homeowners to make smarter decisions regarding upgrading or expanding their electrical service. Here is a quick primer on a few things to help homeowners understand more about their homes. 

Electrical Outlets and Switchesoutlet

Electrical outlets and switches are likely the most used part of any home’s electrical system. Both are served by wiring that carries electricity around the house. Over time, problems can arise with these components that can lead to unsafe situations or routine repairs. 

Light switches are often the first electrical components that need to be replaced. Normally switches will last for many years, but switches in high-traffic areas can get flipped many times a day, leading to early failure. Switches that feel loose when they actuate or make humming noises should be replaced soon. 

Outlets or receptacles often have problems that require attention. With repeated usage, the internal parts of an outlet can wear out and fail to firmly grip plugs that are inserted. Replacement is the only option, but it can be done quickly and cheaply. 

Exterior Lighting and Electrical Fixtures

Electrical fixtures aren’t just limited to inside a home. As it turns out, there are a lot of great reasons to have electricity outside, too. When electrical installations are located outside, they must deal with a harsher environment. Water is a common presence outside, so electricians must use their training and take precautions to keep electrical fixtures safe. Some common outdoor electrical installations are: 

  • Pool Wiring: Pool motors and underwater lighting must be professionally installed to keep everyone safe. Water and electricity don’t mix, but with professional installation, everyone will stay safe. 
  • Outdoor Lighting: Landscape lighting is important to keeping homes looking beautiful. Electricians can recommend and safely install outdoor lighting that can handle even the harshest environments. 
  • Outlets: Outdoor outlets are a must-have in any yard. Outdoor outlets must be properly covered to prevent rain from entering. They also must be GFCI devices for safety according to the national electrical code.

Always Use Licensed Electriciansprofessional

Most homeowners can perform basic tasks like changing AC filters or plunging a toilet. But, dealing with electricity should always be done by a professional. When other utilities in the house fail, there isn’t as big of a hazard as when there are problems with electricity. Amateur installations routinely cause fires and electrocutions because people tried to save money by doing their own electrical work. Not only is this illegal, doing so can void warranties and insurance as well as placing people in danger. 

Working with qualified electricians not only keeps homes safe, but it can also be affordable and easy. Every homeowner should have a go-to electrician to handle any problems. Establishing a relationship with qualified electricians can keep money in the homeowner's pockets and ensure that the home stays safe. 

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