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Diagnosing electrical issues or trying to figure out how to replace an outlet shouldn’t keep you from enjoying much-needed peace of mind. At Trustworthy Electric we take away the guesswork associated with any electrical work. This means you can save time and money when looking for a dependable electrical company in and around Pine Level, AL. We take pride in our work.

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Pine Level Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

Do you have an electrical breaker that keeps tripping? Have you noticed occasional smoke or sparks coming from an appliance or outlet in your house? Are you blowing fuses? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then let the electrical troubleshooting and repair experts at Trustworthy Electric troubleshoot and fix your electrical problems.

We have years of experience with troubleshooting electric wires, switches, electric plugs, electrical equipment connections and lights in residential and commercial buildings in Pine Level and nearby areas. Our licensed electricians will safely diagnose and fix all your electrical problems.

Upgrading Your Electrical Outlets in Pine Level

Electrical outlet upgrades can save you money and keep you and your family safe. Here are some upgrades to consider.

  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters): A GFCI outlet constantly monitors electricity flowing in a circuit and quickly shuts off power to that circuit once an interruption is detected. This helps to protect you and your family from potential electrical hazards.
  • USB: USB outlets are becoming the standard for homes as well as commercial spaces. They allow you to plug your electronics directly into the outlet so you don’t have to deal with bulky adapters and chargers.
  • AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters): An AFCI outlet is designed to quickly discover any marked increase in the wiring’s temperature and shut down the outlet. This prevents damages that may result from sudden overheating.

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Signs You Should Replace Your Electrical/Breaker Panels

To avoid suffering electrocution, blackout, or even electrical fires, be on the lookout for warning signs that your electrical panel needs to be replaced before it fails. Telltale signs that you may need a new panel include:

  • The breakers don’t reset
  • You still use an old fuse box
  • Circuit breakers that keep tripping
  • Signs of electrical fires in the panel
  • Your lights flicker or dim when operating other appliances

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