Celebrate World Environment Day with a Switch to LED Lights

On June 5th, World Environment Day, every year world leaders in the United Nations come together to discuss potential solutions to environmental problems; persistent problems related to wildlife, atmosphere, pollution, weather, and more are discussed.

Switching to LED lights is something you can do individually at home to do your part. Let’s take a look at the benefits of making this change from traditional lighting.

UV Lights Can Cause Health Issues


Studies have shown that traditional UV (ultraviolet) lighting is not very good for your health. Specifically, UV lighting emitted by older light bulbs can cause skin problems and even contribute to skin cancer.

Switching to LED lighting is not only better for your skin, but has other health benefits as well:

  • Users can experience fewer headaches when they have more steady lighting from an LED bulb, as opposed to the flickering of a UV bulb.
  • LED bulbs are not comprised of hazardous materials, making them less of a risk to humans when they are disposed of.
  • There are no hazardous materials present in LED lights, therefore making them better for our environment.

CFL & UV Light Detriments Are Gone!

nouvlightIt’s long been established that UV radiation is pretty harmful to our health. While it’s tough for us to escape UV rays from the sun, however, we are able to reduce or eliminate how much UV lighting we experience through other sources.

Skin Cancer, unfortunately, can be caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light; therefore, avoiding older lighting and utilizing LED lights as possible is preferable. This World Environment Day, let’s make a better and healthier choice and switch to LED.

LED Lights Contain No Mercury

nomercuryAnother benefit to LED lighting is it doesn’t contain any mercury, as opposed to its fluorescent lighting counterparts.

When humans breathe in or touch mercury, it can go into the brain or lungs and cause paralysis, sleep issues, kidney problems, and other behavioral issues; in effect, mercury should be avoided whenever possible.

Observing World Environment Day is all about what we can do as residents of this planet to help improve our environment. Doing your part can take many forms: recycling to reduce waste, conserving and reusing water, reducing carbon emissions by properly maintain and restricting cars and their outputs, using less plastic, and switching to LED light bulbs.

If not for the environmental reasons alone, making the switch to LED lighting is truly better for yours and your family’s health. Sometimes it’s the smallest, low-effort, least expensive changes that can have the biggest and most important impacts.

If you’re looking for more ways you can help conserve energy and our environment, electrical upgrades within your home are a great solution. As with any electrical change, repair, or upgrade it’s important that an experienced electrician handle the process; contact us today, and we’ll come out for an assessment at a time convenient for you. Happy World Environment Day!