Stay Safe This Summer With Childproof Outlets!

Promote Electrical Safety at Home With Childproof Outlets 

According to Electrical Safety Foundational International (ESFI), nearly 2,400 children suffer serious electrical shocks and burns yearly from sticking things into electrical outlets. These incidents often arise when they stick foreign objects into the slots of outlets, such as utensils, paper clips, toys, and their fingers. Thankfully, worried parents can protect their children against these incidents by installing childproof and tamper-resistant outlets. This post will discuss these outlets, including how they work and their benefits. 

What Is a Tamper Resistant Outlet? How Does It Work? 

A tamper-resistant outlet is exactly what it sounds like; it prevents children from tampering with the outlet and hurting themselves. They have spring-loaded shutters that only allow a plug’s prongs to pass through since the shutters must be activated simultaneously to open. Another common childproofing tool for outlets is the pieces of plastic that plug into the outlet and prevent anything else from getting in. 

There are also sliding outlet covers. The sliding outlet cover has a plate that slides over the outlet, then locks into place. When adults want to plug something in, they must unlock the cover and slide it over. This also deters young children from sticking their fingers or other objects into the outlets. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing Childproof Outlets?

outletChildproof outlets have one obvious and significant benefit. It prevents children from suffering electrical-related injuries. Additionally, these outlets are more beneficial than plastic outlet caps. Children can learn to remove the plastic outlet plugs from the outlet, and once removed, they can become a choking hazard. 

On the other hand, tamper-resistant outlets don’t present a choking hazard while protecting children from shocks and burns, making them the safer option for childproofing the home. No parent can watch their child every minute of every day. Having tamper-resistant outlets installed around the house offers parents peace of mind that their little ones are protected from electrical hazards. 

When Is It Time to Replace an Old Outlet? 

outletThe Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) notes that homeowners should replace an outlet if a plug feels loose in the outlet and is not snug because it’s an electrical hazard and poses the risk of an electrical fire. Other signs that it’s time to replace an outlet include: 

  • The outlet isn’t working 
  • The outlet feels hot or warm to the touch
  • There are scorch marks, discoloration, melted areas, or other damage on the outlet
  • Sparks or smoke is coming from the outlet 

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