Is There a Problem With the Electrical Wiring? Here's How to Tell

How to Spot Faulty Wiring

Keeping homes safe is a top priority for homeowners, which means ensuring that all systems are functioning properly, especially a home’s wiring and electrical system. This is especially important since electrical problems are a common cause of house fires.

And with over half of homes in the U.S. built before 1980, the chances of fires stemming from older wiring that hasn’t been updated to current safety standards go up significantly. In order to prevent this and keep homes safe, homeowners should be aware of the following signs of an electrical wiring problem to resolve them as safely and quickly as possible.

Circuit Breakers That Trip Often

A tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse happens every once in a while at home. These are both, after all, safety measures that are designed to protect homes by stopping the flow of electricity when there is too much of it all at once. However, if this becomes a common occurrence at home, it could signal a bigger problem with the electrical wiring that needs to be resolved. 

Sometimes, this just means one or two appliances should be removed from the circuit that is being overloaded and plugged into a different circuit. However, if this doesn’t work, homeowners should get a professional electrician to inspect and fix the wiring and circuit breaker or fuse box to eliminate the possibility of developing a fire hazard.

Outlets Are Discolored or Hot to the Touch

OutletScorch marks around an outlet or if they feel hot to the touch is another red flag for electrical wiring. After all, where there is smoke, there’s fire, and these are outward signs that there is loose or faulty wiring behind the outlet that is causing some kind of burning action when a device or appliance is plugged in. 

This usually happens because damaged wiring sends more electricity than is needed to the outlet, and this extra energy can fry devices or, in more extreme cases, cause a fire. So, any burn marks on outlets or ones that feel warm should be a sign to call an electrician immediately. 

It Smells or Sounds Like Trouble

Bad smell Another way to tell that there has been significant damage to a home’s electrical wiring is the presence of a distinct burning smell around an electrical outlet. The smell is usually similar to burning plastic and indicates wiring that has had some fire damage. Sometimes, this burning smell is also accompanied by a buzzing sound. 

Whether by itself or present together, the smell of burning or the sound of buzzing is always an indication of trouble. Homeowners who experience this are advised to immediately unplug their appliances and call an electrician to deal with the situation safely.

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