How to Think Like an Electrician: Essential Electrical Outlet Services

What Electrical Outlet Services Do You Need?

Every homeowner encounters electrical problems from time to time. It’s essential to be as knowledgeable as you can so when the time comes, you’ll be able to know how to respond depending on the problem you encounter.

As the new year begins, make it a priority to familiarize yourself with the following knowledge so you’ll not only be an informed homeowner, but you’ll know when it’s crucial to call an electrician to come to your aide. You might be surprised by some of the seemingly simple electrical problems that can turn into a nightmare.

Why Is There No Power in The Outlet?

no powerIf you plug in an appliance one day and it won’t turn on, you might be wondering why you suddenly lost power to that outlet. There are a variety of reasons why an outlet loses power. Old wiring is most often to blame for this occurrence.

When wiring is old and worn out, it can become brittle and break off, leaving your outlet without contact and power. If mice happen to eat through wires, this will also cause your outlet to stop working. Another common but far more dangerous reason outlets will stop working is when the outlet itself burns out.

This creates a small fire, sparks, and blackens the edges of the outlet. If this ever happens, the power to that outlet should be shut off immediately at the breaker. For any of these issues, professional electricians need to be called in to diagnose and fix the problem.

You Have a Constantly Tripping Circuit Breaker

While a constantly tripping circuit breaker is quite annoying, it could also be dangerous. Your circuit breaker is the unit that keeps too much electricity from flowing through your house. If too many appliances are plugged in and running at once, your circuit breaker will trip to prevent an overage of energy use.

tripping circuit breaker

If you notice your breaker tripping even when no appliances are being used, however, you could have a bigger problem. When wires short out within the breaker unit itself, the unit could trip. This issue needs to be solved as soon as possible. Wires shorting out in your walls can lead to fires. Turn all power off immediately if you suspect this issue and call an electrician right away.

Problems With a Falling Chord

falling cordIf you have a particular outlet that you enjoy using to charge your phone and over time you notice your chord falling out, it’s probably time to change your outlet, and there are many different types of outlets.

Over time, with constant use, the contacts inside your outlet will get worn down and stop gripping. Your outlet can also loosen in the wall. In either case, an electrician will replace the outlet and you’ll be back to charging your favorite device in no time.

This is a simple fix, but it is vital. If you try and use your plugs in an outlet that doesn’t correctly grip, you could short out your device or the outlet itself due to improper fit between plug and outlet contacts.

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