Stay Safe This Holiday Season by Staying on Top of Electrical Safety

Prevent Electrical Fires During the Holidays 

The holidays are a joyous time! With decorations and lights going up, it’s hard not to enjoy the view. While taking time to relish in the holiday spirit, it’s also essential for homeowners to make sure they are taking all the proper precautions when decorating. Putting up various lights, trees, candles, and more creates a lot more room for accidents and electrical fires. That’s why were going to share a few ways homeowners can stay safe this holiday season.

Carefully Place Your Decorations 

While the seasonal candles may look nice on the bureau near the beloved house plant, maybe putting flames near flammable objects is not the safest option. How homeowners place their decorations both inside and outside the home can have a huge impact on the safety of the household. Here are a few things homeowners can consider when placing their decorations:

  • Make sure trees, plants, and dry/flammable objects are placed away from flames and lights or cords that get very warm or hot
  • Make sure candles and other flames are in sturdy locations where they cannot fall or be knocked over
  • Tuck away any extension cords or plugs, so they are not exposed 
  • If homeowners use nails to hang lights or cords, make sure they are correctly placed and do not pierce the cords
  • Check that all electrical cords are not frayed or have exposed wires
  • Do not overload electrical outlets
  • Inspect lights and all decorations for damage such as cracks
  • Make sure outdoor decorations are at least 12 feet away from powerlines 

Don’t Forget About the Smoke Detectors

co detector

While most smoke detectors will let homeowners know when their batteries get low, it can’t hurt to be a little more precautious this holiday season. By double-checking all of the smoke and CO detector batteries, homeowners can be certain they are up to date. If any other issues arise with the functions of a smoke detector, homeowners should contact professionals to ensure their smoke and CO detectors are functioning properly. 

Unplug All Cords When No One Is Present 


Last but not least, it’s important for homeowners to unplug all of their decorations at night and while they are away from home. Without anyone present or awake to ensure no decorations or lights caught aflame, it can be quite dangerous to leave things such as string lights plugged in. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Even if lights have a timer set to turn off while homeowners are at work or asleep, it’s better to make sure they are unplugged to best ensure they are doing everything possible to prevent an electrical fire. 

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'Tis The Season to Get All of The Holiday Lights Ready!

Preparing to String the Holiday Lights

The holiday season is just around the corner. For some, this may bring a bit of stress for all of the cooking and cleaning that needs to be done before any guests arrive for holiday meals and celebrations.

But that stress is easily overcome with the excitement for hanging stockings, breaking out the winter snowmen decorations to place around the house, and celebrating with family and friends. This time of year is also a perfect time to start getting the outdoor holiday lights ready! But before buying new lights, double-check this three-part list.

1) Wait for Black Friday Sales

black friday salesHoliday lights can be so expensive, especially when people want to use them inside their house, outside of their house, on their trees, and around the rest of their yard. Wait for the sales before buying new lights.

Black Friday is like a holiday in itself; it’s the holiday of shopping! But most stores have great sales, including sales on holiday lights. Prices per strand can range from $5-30, but that price could be knocked down 15-20% or more!

The only downside is that people may have to get up a little earlier than they’d like on the day after Thanksgiving to get to the stores before the lights are picked over.

2) Go Green With the Holiday Lights This Year

These days, there are eco-friendly options for nearly everything people can buy. That includes holiday lights! Using solar-powered lights or LED lights are not only better for the environment, but they help homeowners save money on electricity bills.

going green

Think about it. Most people turn on their lights when it gets dark outside, typically around 4-5 pm in the winter, and only turn them off once they go to bed. That’s 5+ hours every day that homes are using extra electricity for holiday lights. So save some money and consider going green with the holiday lights this season.

3) Take Electrical Safety Precautions

Holiday lights are fun and festive to use, but they do require some caution when they are being strung around the house or the yard. Keep an eye out for possible mistakes to avoid electric shocks or other electrical injuries. Here are a few electrical safety tips.

  1. electrical safetyConsider switching to LED lights; they don’t get as hot when in use.
  2. Check for any cracked sockets or frayed wires while untangling the lights.
  3. If using an artificial tree, make sure that the tree is “flame resistant” before stringing lights around it.
  4. Use holiday light clips rather than nails or screws. They do less damage to the house and prevent electrical shock when hanging the lights.
  5. Don’t plug more than three sets of holiday lights into a single extension cord at the risk of it overheating.
  6. Always unplug the holiday lights when going to bed to avoid fires.

Following these basic safety tips can ensure that homeowners enjoy their holiday lights and the holiday season!

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