How to Tell If Your Local Electrician Is the Right Fit for You

How to Choose the Best “Electrician Near Me”

In recent years, technology has rendered old ways of marketing obsolete. Not so long ago a consumer would turn to yellow pages to find tradesmen. Now, to find help for any job, it’s simply a matter of a quick internet search. While this is convenient and a vast improvement over flipping through the phone book hoping to find a reputable contractor, it will not guarantee customer satisfaction. 

A good marketing budget is no substitute for an educated consumer. Fortunately, there are signs to look for to find that ideal electrician that is both nearby, reliable, and will NEVER leave you with an electrical fire

Do They Have the Proper Safety Tools?

Safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially electrical safety. Electricians have a variety of tools at their disposal to keep them and your equipment safe from harm as they service your home. A good electricians uniform should include:

  • red flagNon-conductive “steel” toed boots
  • Safety glasses
  • Cotton or flame-resistant pants and shirt, or coveralls
  • Insulated gloves with protectors, when working near high voltage
  • Hard hat with face shield, when working near high voltage

Electricians also have special tools that help them perform their job safely. These tools should include:

  • Voltmeter
  • Insulated tools
  • Non-conductive fiberglass ladders

These items will help keep them safe as they work on your electrical system and they are often required for their insurance purposes. Therefore, if your contractor is working without them he is cutting corners with his own safety and maybe with the quality of his job on your home.

Lastly, a safety-conscious electrician should work on your equipment in a de-energized state. Although it may be inconvenient for you to have the power turned off to parts of your home while they are working, it is safer for them and for your property to turn the electricity off during service.

Do They Treat Customers Right?

A good electrical contractor should be customer service oriented, these results can be seen on their online reviews. As a customer, contractors should pay special attention to your questions and concerns and strive to provide service on a schedule that is convenient for you. Disreputable contractors may be skilled and safe electricians but not customer-oriented.

bad service

An electrician that is not committed to customer service may not show up in a timely manner or may leave your job in the middle of a project to service another customer. A good contractor will work with you to establish an appropriate time to meet, explain the diagnosis and repair plan and stay until the job is complete and your service is restored. If a company can not provide this service it is best to find one who can.

Avoid Electricians That Reschedule

frustrated personIf you call an electrical company and establish a time to meet but they reschedule, it is a bad sign. Rescheduling service calls is an indication of disorganization and poor customer service. It means they are over-committing and under-delivering to you and their other customers.

This can lead to major inconveniences while you are waiting on service, for hours or even days. If you have already hired a contractor and they constantly reschedule you, it can mean that they are unprepared and have a disorganized supply chain.

These delays will cost you in time as you wait for them to get supplies to perform your job. Your time is important to you and should be important to your electrician. As a consumer, watch for these signs as you choose a contractor. Companies turning up in an internet search may look reputable but with this knowledge, you can have the confidence of knowing you are making a wise choice.

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