3 Positively Great Resolutions to Make for Your Home's Electrical System

Don’t Forget To Make Resolutions for the Home’s Electrical System This Year!

The New Year is a time to think about the changes everyone wants to see in their lives. Resolutions about relationships, fitness, goals, and dreams are made to start the new year off right. Homeowners should consider making resolutions not just for themselves this year but also for their home. Take a look at these three ways to improve a home’s electrical for the coming New Year!

#1 - Replace Worn-Down Wiring


The modern home uses electricity 24/7, every day of the year. Electricity runs the furnace, the air conditioner, the hairdryer, and the wi-fi. Without it, not much gets done. It shouldn’t be a surprise that, over time, wires wear down and need to be replaced. But, how exactly does one know when wiring needs replaced?

  • Age: If the wiring hasn’t been replaced for 30 years, it probably needs it. Homes built before 1985 are not wired with materials up to the current building codes, and the wires are more likely to fail soon. 
  • Tripped Breakers: If the circuit breaker is frequently tripped, the home’s wiring may not be up to the demands of the house. 
  • Extension Cords: If several electric-run machines are plugged into extension cords to have everything on in the house, the home’s electrical system isn’t up to the demands of the house. New wiring and outlets should be installed to prevent electrical fires.
  • Stained Outlets: Discolored outlets are a sign of electrical surges and indicate a risk of electrical fires. The wiring is likely failing and needs replacing. 

#2 - Have a Professional Inspect Outlets 

The outlets of the home are a good indicator of what kind of shape the electrical system is in. Having them inspected can evaluate if electrical surges are occurring (thereby indicating that wiring needs replaced), or if wiring has come loose from the outlet. Loose or frayed wiring can cause electrical fires, and needs replaced right away. 

The inspection will also check if the electrical contacts of the outlet are in good shape - if plugs are falling out of the outlet, not only is it annoying, but it indicates the contacts are worn down and need to be replaced to prevent electrical fires. An electrical inspection of the outlets is an inexpensive way to ensure the home’s electrical system is running properly.

#3 - Take Steps to Prevent System Overloading 

Electrical overloads are annoying - every homeowner hates having to flip circuits when the power blows - but, more importantly, electrical overloads are dangerous. As the New Year arrives, homeowners should take the following steps to prevent a perilous electrical overload situation:

  • Map the Circuits of the Home: Knowing what circuits control which rooms is essential to prevent electrical overloads. Knowing how many electrical machines are plugged into rooms and cross-referencing the circuits that keep blowing will allow homeowners to know what rooms need fewer things plugged in, or need an electrical upgrade. 
  • Verify the Load of the Circuits: Electrical circuits can only handle so much electricity. When too much electricity is run through it, the circuits are tripped, and power is cut off. Research the circuits’ recommended load in the circuit breaker, or for a more accurate assessment, reach out to have an electrician investigate the circuits that keep tripping. 
  • Balance the Circuit Loads: Circuits should not bear more than 80% of their recommended load. If circuits keep tripping, they’re being overloaded. Reach out to an electrician to find out if additional wiring is necessary or if other changes can be made to balance the demands on the home’s circuits. Sometimes, just unplugging unused machines won’t be enough to fix the problem, and new wiring or circuits may need to be installed. 

Taking care to improve the home’s electrical system is just one way to make this new year better for the home and its occupants. Reach out to a skilled electrician to find out what methods would give the home’s electricity the TLC it needs for 2021!

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