Are Your Outlets Ready for Spooktacular Halloween Decorations?

Be Fang-Tastically Fashionable With Magical Lights and Halloween Trees

Back off Christmas, it’s Halloween season! The hottest new craze in decorating for the spooky season includes festive orange and black lighting and terrifyingly trendy Halloween trees. Homes across the country are decorating their yards and living rooms with kooky ornaments, creepy lights, and haunting embellishments. With the arrival of fun, new trends come a slew of new in-home demands. Many new decorations require an electrical outlet to function. Is the house ready for the challenge? Read on to find out more about prepping the house for the season of fright and lights. 

Consider Outlet Upgrades


Outlets take a lot of heat in their time of use. Every time something is plugged in or unplugged, the outlet experiences a bit of wear and tear. Overtime, connectivity between the outlet and plugs will be reduced before the outlet finally gives out. Consider replacing and upgrading electrical outlets when any of the following starts to happen:

  • The Outlets Are...Vintage: If the home’s outlets are beginning to fall into the “retro” category, it’s time to retire them. The older the outlet, the more likely they are to be worn down. Older outlets also aren’t capable of keeping up with most modern appliances’ demands for power. Upgrading these units even if they aren’t damaged, will increase the efficiency of the home’s electrical system.
  • The Outlet is Warped: If the electrical outlet has become discolored or is starting to crack, it needs to be replaced. Warped and damaged units pose a danger to a home’s occupants and are no longer considered safe for use.
  • The Outlets are Ungrounded: Most modern homes are built with grounded outlets, but many older homes have only a few or sometimes no grounded outlets. This particular type of outlet provides an extra path for electricity to travel through via the third prong. This extra path prevents short circuits and makes the outlets safer for the home.

Understanding the Two Types of Electrical Outlets (GFCI and AFCI)

Most homes use one of two types of electrical outlets, either GFCI or AFCI outlets. 

    • GFCI Outlets: GFCI stands for “ground fault circuit interrupter.” These types of outlets are legally required to be used in any home area with a higher risk of electric shocks. They are typically found in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. These units detect an imbalance in electrical currents and will shut off when one is detected. They are more sensitive than older units and protect against electrocution.
  • AFCI Outlets: AFCI stands for “arc-fault circuit interrupters.” These units primarily protect the home from excessive heat caused by arcing currents of electricity. Devices that overheat or have damaged wires are common causes of arcing currents in a house’s electrical system. The AFCI units detect any dangerous arcs and shut down the receiving outlet when they are detected. These units are typically installed as a type of circuit breaker and are often found in living spaces, such as the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. They are often used in tandem with GFCI to provide the best electrical protection in the home. 

Consider Choosing a Professional 

Electrical work is no joking matter. Professional electricians are trained to work with dangerous materials and can keep the home safe and secure during their work. Choosing to work with a professional protects the investment of the home, as their work must follow all state and federal guidelines and usually includes a warranty of satisfaction. 

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By prepping the house’s electrical system using these tips, it’ll be easy to stay fashionably frightening this Halloween. Have fun with the shockingly spooky new trend and know that the house will be safe for every season by following these tips. 

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'Tis The Season to Get All of The Holiday Lights Ready!

Preparing to String the Holiday Lights

The holiday season is just around the corner. For some, this may bring a bit of stress for all of the cooking and cleaning that needs to be done before any guests arrive for holiday meals and celebrations.

But that stress is easily overcome with the excitement for hanging stockings, breaking out the winter snowmen decorations to place around the house, and celebrating with family and friends. This time of year is also a perfect time to start getting the outdoor holiday lights ready! But before buying new lights, double-check this three-part list.

1) Wait for Black Friday Sales

black friday salesHoliday lights can be so expensive, especially when people want to use them inside their house, outside of their house, on their trees, and around the rest of their yard. Wait for the sales before buying new lights.

Black Friday is like a holiday in itself; it’s the holiday of shopping! But most stores have great sales, including sales on holiday lights. Prices per strand can range from $5-30, but that price could be knocked down 15-20% or more!

The only downside is that people may have to get up a little earlier than they’d like on the day after Thanksgiving to get to the stores before the lights are picked over.

2) Go Green With the Holiday Lights This Year

These days, there are eco-friendly options for nearly everything people can buy. That includes holiday lights! Using solar-powered lights or LED lights are not only better for the environment, but they help homeowners save money on electricity bills.

going green

Think about it. Most people turn on their lights when it gets dark outside, typically around 4-5 pm in the winter, and only turn them off once they go to bed. That’s 5+ hours every day that homes are using extra electricity for holiday lights. So save some money and consider going green with the holiday lights this season.

3) Take Electrical Safety Precautions

Holiday lights are fun and festive to use, but they do require some caution when they are being strung around the house or the yard. Keep an eye out for possible mistakes to avoid electric shocks or other electrical injuries. Here are a few electrical safety tips.

  1. electrical safetyConsider switching to LED lights; they don’t get as hot when in use.
  2. Check for any cracked sockets or frayed wires while untangling the lights.
  3. If using an artificial tree, make sure that the tree is “flame resistant” before stringing lights around it.
  4. Use holiday light clips rather than nails or screws. They do less damage to the house and prevent electrical shock when hanging the lights.
  5. Don’t plug more than three sets of holiday lights into a single extension cord at the risk of it overheating.
  6. Always unplug the holiday lights when going to bed to avoid fires.

Following these basic safety tips can ensure that homeowners enjoy their holiday lights and the holiday season!

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