Lights Out or an Easy Light Switch Fix?

Understanding Lighting and Common Light Switch Issues

It’s frustrating when you flip a switch and the light doesn’t turn on as expected. Many times these lighting issues can simply be due to a minor issue within the switch itself, but it might seem impossible to determine the source of the problem. Homeowners having an issue with their lights can gain helpful insight from experienced electricians and get to the root of the problem.

Check the Light Fixture for Any Problems

light fixtures hanging from the wall

The light fixture can pose a problem even if it never has before. The first thing to check on the fixture is the lightbulb; it is the cheapest and easiest fix so make sure the lightbulb hasn’t burned out or cracked. Also, make sure that the lightbulb is screwed in tightly to ensure a secure connection. If neither of these easy fixes seem to work, take a look at the metal socket tab at the bottom corner of the socket and make sure that it is in contact with the bulb. If it isn’t, try to simply bend the metal until it comes in contact. 

If none of the bulb-related solutions work, it’s possible that the wiring from the light switch to the fixture is causing an issue. Before investigating, make sure the power is off for the circuit and take a look at the wiring connection. Unless the homeowner is experienced, beyond the initial look, it is best to trust professionals to tamper with the wiring connection.

If the light turns on but is flickering, that is a common sign that the switch contacts are getting old and should be replaced. This is also an inexpensive and easy fix and should solve the lighting issue. If this isn’t the case, it is possible that the light bulb socket has gone bad and needs to be replaced. 

Common Signs of a Broken Connection

someone hearing the buzz of a broken connection

Over time, wiring problems can occur whether it is because the wiring is defective, or if it’s worn out or becomes loose. When this happens, it causes arcing which leads to overheating so it’s important to replace these when it is discovered. 

If there is a hissing, popping or crackling noise, it is likely an inexpensive fix to make. It is possible to replace a light switch as a DIY project, but the wiring may become complicated so it’s best to trust a local professional to make this repair. 

If It’s Not the Wiring, It Could Be a Loose Toggle

It is also very common for the toggle of the light switch to be in an improper place, which can cause functionality issues. Oftentimes this issue can be determined by simply touching the light switch toggle. This usually happens from the initial install, but it is possible that it has moved out of place over time. 

a broken light toggle

If this issue occurs, one may think it would be a simple fix; however, it is always best to contact an experienced electrician to avoid further problems and ensure safety. Not only can a faulty electrical repair  result in electrical shock, but it can even lead to a fire.

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Stop Burning Out Your Cash on Light Bulbs That Burn Out

Does a Burnt-Out Light Bulb Really Need to Be Changed?

Though every horror movie is unique in its own way, many horror movies have very similar scenes. There’s almost always that one scene where a character is slowly walking down the hall, holding a tennis racket or something similar for protection. There are lights flickering in the background, and everyone watching the movie is covering their eyes, waiting for someone to jump out.

Though the flickering lights in the movie add to its suspense, most people don’t want that kind of drama in their daily lives at home. Oftentimes, when light bulbs start to dim or flicker, homeowners will just switch them out without even thinking about it. It’s burned out, right? But that’s not always the case. Sometimes the flickering or dimming is due to a larger electrical issue.

Common Indoor Lighting Problems

indoor lighting problemsIt’s a big misconception to jump to the conclusion that a flickering light just means it’s burnt out. Some types of lighting, like fluorescent lights, are naturally prone to flickering and will flicker for the first minute or so that they’re turned on. Sometimes light bulbs become loose over time.

However, here are some indoor lighting tips; Rather than replacing them, they just need to be tightened up a bit. Faulty light switches are another cause for flickering lights, but this isn’t something to sweat about.

However, there are a couple of signals that the flickering is linked to a larger problem. When turning on another appliance causes the lights to flicker, this is a sign of a voltage fluctuation caused by loose or corroded connections.

Additionally, if homeowners notice loose wiring around the fixtures, this is also a serious problem. Loose wiring is one of the biggest causes of house fires! If either of these problems is spotted, call an electrician right away.

The Best Way to Fix Electrical Problems

Indoor lighting problems like voltage fluctuations and loose wiring can be scary! Luckily there are solutions to both of these problems. As mentioned, voltage fluctuations are typically caused by loose or corroded connections. A professional electrician will easily be able to determine the location of the faulty connection and make the necessary adjustments to fix it.

fixing electrical problems

If the terminal connections on wall switches and outlets become loose, this causes the flickering lights associated with loose wiring. This problem is tricky and dangerous for a homeowner to try to fix on their own, so it’s best to consult a professional electrician to ensure that the changes made to the wiring are done safely and effectively.

Methods to Prevent Burnt-Out Lights

preventing burnt out lightsDespite all of the above examples where a burnt-out light wasn’t the actual problem, lights do eventually burn out. The best way prevent burnt lights too early is to simply be mindful of when the lights are on.

However, do make sure that the light is actually burnt out before wasting a light bulb by replacing it. Try unscrewing the bulb, then screw it back in as the bulb may just be loose. If that doesn’t work, try turning the light switch on and off a couple of times. This will resolve the problem if it is a faulty switch.

These couple of methods can prevent homeowners from wasting money on light bulbs that are still good. If someone notices voltage fluctuations or loose wiring, know that it’s not the light bulb. Instead, there is an electrical hazard at play and a professional needs to be consulted.

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