Did You Know? 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Is Eco-Friendly!

A Quick History of the Electricity in the White House

Americans are known for being very passionate and enthusiastic about their country. When it comes to the White House, it’s hard to find an American that doesn’t know where the icon home resides. That said, there are still some facts that aren’t as famous as how many rooms and bathrooms the home has. For instance, not many people know just how eco-friendly the White House is with its electricity. 

Local electricians have fun facts for homeowners this President’s Day, including stories of when the White House got electricity, and when it switched to eco-friendly power. Continue reading below to learn more!

The Day 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Got Electricity 

Whether Americans knew it or not, the installation of electricity into the White House was a revolutionary day for all of humanity. It marked the day that indoor comfort started to become accessible to all. 

Originally, the White House buildings with electrical work were the State, War, and Navy Buildings. From today’s perspective, the electrical work was a bit thrown together and not necessarily the safest setup in the world, but it still worked nonetheless. 

In fact, many people were still afraid of electricity during this time because of the fear of electrocution. Humans didn’t know enough about electricity to know that they weren’t going to get shocked. To put it into perspective, President Benjamin Harrison was in office during the installation, but neither he nor his wife used the electrical system because they were afraid of being electrocuted. 

Capitol Hill Now Has Thermal and Solar Energy

solar energy

Even with electricity being a new concept among humans, electrical technological advancements quickly flourished and created more eco-friendly energy options. The planet has suffered a lot since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, but energy sources like the ones Capitol Hill saw in late 1910 are great ways to reduce the impact one has on the planet. 

There are two main differences between thermal and solar energy, but fundamentally they are the same. Both solar and thermal energy pull from the light source of the sun. 

  • Solar Energy: This type of energy is used most often in electricity
  • Thermal Energy: This type of energy is used most often in heating. 

A List of Other Eco-Friendly Changes in its History 

Bill Clinton and President Obama are both known for making immense steps toward a “Greener” White House while they were in office. 

As time has progressed, other additions have been made, including:

  • Water-saving toilet
  • Water-saving showerhead
  • Energy-saving lightbulbs

Eco-friendly appliances might seem like a huge investment at first, but they end up saving homeowners tons of money in the end on monthly bills. They can decrease their financial burden, even more, when their home’s systems are regularly maintained. 

white house

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