Shocking Electrician Costumes For a Hilarious Halloween!

This Year's Top Electrical Costumes

Halloween is such a great time of year! When else can you dress up as your favorite celebrity or as a literal dragon? Sure, maybe when you play Dungeons & Dragons in the basement, but this is about October chills and fun! If you’re looking for some great electrician costumes this Halloween, then check out the list below.

Bark Sparks

Listen. Dogs are great. Everyone can agree on that. But you know what makes dogs even better? Putting them in a dog costume this Halloween! And though there are a lot of different options for your best friend in the whole world (who’s the best boy?) a shockingly simple costume for Fido is a ghostly sheet and a lightbulb inside a pumpkin to illuminate his spooky, yet adorable, grin.

dog costume

So, don’t be afraid to dress your pooch this Halloween. Everyone will love it!

Shock Your Tyke

Now, typically kids and electricity don’t mix. So, when you have little tots roaming around the house it’s always smart to baby proof the outlets. Unless it’s Halloween!

Okay, just kidding. You don’t really want your kiddo to get an electrical shock. But making it seem like that’s what happened is a great, and easy, costume for your child this October. A scorched shirt, some hair that sticks straight up, a little makeup and you’ve got a kid who looks like they stuck a fork in an outlet.

baby costume

Bonus: kids love to get messy and dirty so they’re sure to love this costume, too! And that’s a win for everyone.

A Bright Idea

Electrician costumes don’t always have to be actual electricians. It can be worthwhile to think outside the box. If you try hard enough, maybe you’ll have a eureka moment and a little lightbulb will light up above your head!


Actually, that doesn’t really happen, but it could make a really great Halloween costume! One that would probably delight and shock everyone who saw you, and for good reason! When you have a costume idea as great as this one, you have to show it off.

A Simple Solution

Costumes can take a lot of work. There’s special clothing. Makeup that takes forever to wash off. Wigs or hair that needs to be sprayed or ratted. What if you want an invite to the costume party but you don’t actually want to, like, wear a costume?


Well, a simple t-shirt, like this one here, may suffice! It’s easy, and clever, and people will enjoy how you skirted around the “costume required” bit on the invitation, which will make you look smart and fun. And having fun is what Halloween is all about.

The Classic

The cliché electrician costume is, of course, an electrician who has been violently shocked or electrocuted! Scorched clothing and hair sticking everywhere!

the classic

But, listen, it’s a cliché because it’s great! Classic even! And if you’re someone who likes a costume with a lot of details, then this one is for you. You can stuff your tool belt with electrical tools and doodads, scorch your jeans in just the right way, and use the perfect amount of makeup to really sell that “Just got shocked!” look you’re going for. And that’s what a great costume is all about.

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