Beware These Three Common Electrical Hazards

Watch Out for These Common Electrical Hazards

Almost all homeowners and their families rely on their electrical systems nearly every day. As such, it would seem to make sense that they should have a basic understanding of potential safety hazards to look out for, but many do not, which can be a real danger. There are a number of potential dangers that can arise, especially due to the intricacies of home electrical systems.

Not only will having this knowledge allow homeowners to ensure the safety of themselves and their families, but it will also allow homeowners to avoid potentially costly electrical mishaps. The three main hazards that homeowners need to watch out for are overloaded power strips, old or faulty wiring, and mismatched lightbulbs. Continue reading for a thorough overview of each.

Overloaded Power Stripsstrips

Overloaded power strips can wreak havoc on electrical systems. What does this even mean, in the first place? Well, overloaded power strips are just as they sound - power strips that have too much stress put on them. Think of this as having a basic power strip with five different appliances plugged into it, each of which demands a high amount of electricity.

This can put excess strain on the strip and lead to hazardous malfunctions. For one, the probability of fire goes way up when a power strip is overloaded, which of course, will put homeowners and their families in danger. Even if a fire doesn’t start, the energy can lead to overheating that may melt any plastic on or around thr power strip. Neither of these outcomes is ideal or safe, so homeowners should avoid putting too much stress on any single power strip.

Old or Faulty Wiring

Electrical wiring is another potentially problematic area. Electrical systems consist of intricate wiring that facilitates the movement of electricity. It is of utmost importance that this wiring is properly working and as up-to-date as possible. Since most homes use electricity nearly every day, these wires are constantly working, so they can endure wear and tear.

Over time, there may be issues with the wiring insulation, pieces of wiring can get out of place, and there can be any number of other issues (let alone the possibility of faulty wiring in the first place). When these things happen, they create a real fire hazard as heat may not be properly under control. Melting can also occur, as was the case with overloaded power strips. The best way homeowners can avoid this is to have periodic professional electricians inspect their systems for any potential abnormalities.

Mismatched Lightbulbslightbulb

Mismatched lightbulbs are another hazard that may result when the wattage does not align with the bulb. The wattage and bulbs should align to ensure proper functioning - otherwise, there can be significant overheating that may put homeowners and their families at risk.

Similar to the two prior hazards described, mismatched lightbulbs can lead to melting and/or fires, neither of which homeowners probably want! The best way to avoid this is to check that the wattage aligns and, in the event of any uncertainty, for homeowners to seek the help of electrical professionals.

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The Common Signs You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

What To Look for Before Upgrading the Electrical Panel

At its core, the electrical system in the home is relatively simple in functionality. It is composed of a wiring system, the electrical box, and the electricity supplied by the electrical company. 

The electrical panel is an essential part of the system. It is the vehicle that drives the electricity from the supply company to the wires within the home. Without a properly working electrical panel, the home cannot be considered safe for function. That is why it is crucial to know what signs to look for to decide when a panel upgrade is needed. 

Homeowners should continue reading below to learn more about the common signs that it is time for an upgrade. 

The Home Experiences Faulty Wiring

electrical panel

Installing electrical wiring is one of the more complex and dangerous systems to install. It is extremely easy to mess up, and when the wires aren’t installed properly, it could lead to all kinds of problems. Not only that, but when wiring starts to go bad, it can pose a threat to the electrical box as well, which leads to the risk of fires. 

Some common signs of faulty wiring are: 

  • The circuit breaker trips frequently
  • Homeowners hear a buzzing noise frequently
  • The wall near the electrical panel is hot
  • They see smoke on the wall behind the electrical panel
  • Frayed or chewed wires

Homeowners Want To Install New Appliances

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Most appliances are installed without a second thought to the electrical panel. In reality, though, these new appliances require more energy from the electrical panel, which stresses the box out. 

An electrical panel that is overworked is a dangerous electrical panel. When it is overworked, it increases the risk that a home could fall victim to an electrical fire. Before investing in new appliances, it is recommended that homeowners call a professional electrician to come out and see if the electrical panel can handle the power needed to accommodate the new appliances. 

If the electrical panel is aged, it is almost guaranteed that they will need to upgrade before buying any new appliances. 

Circuit Breaker Installation

fixing an electrical panel

Once a homeowner determines that the panel is too old or beyond repair, the circuit breaking installation begins. Because the breaker panel is the electrical hub for the entire home, getting the installation done right is essential. Circuit breaker installation is quick and painless when homeowners have a professional at their side. Electrical work is one of the most dangerous professions out there, so trying to work on a home’s electrical panel without the right certifications is highly discouraged.

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