Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays by Checking Your Breaker Panel

Get Your Home Ready for Increased Electrical Loads From Holiday Lighting and Visitors

With the holidays comes decorating, family get-togethers, and colder temperatures. What many homeowners don’t realize is that all of these cause increased demand on a home’s electrical system. The increased loads demanded by outdoor lighting, space heaters, and having a party can stress an electrical system to the point where breakers trip and certain components overheat and may pose a hazard. 

To protect their homes during the holidays, it may be wise for homeowners to have their breaker panels inspected or repaired to ensure that they are ready for the increased demands of the holiday season. For homeowners experiencing burnt fuses or breakers that are constantly tripping, breaker panel repair services from a licensed electrician can help. 

What Is a Breaker Panel?

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A breaker panel is the latest piece of equipment available to keep homes and electrical devices safe. Most people know that electricity can be dangerous when it isn’t handled properly. A breaker panel is one of the devices that ensures the safe distribution of electricity. 

At the breaker panel, the utility company’s electrical service is connected to the home’s wiring. From there, it is distributed to all corners of the home, ready for usage. In the breaker panel are numerous circuit breakers designed to detect when too much electricity is flowing through a circuit that could potentially cause a fire. When this happens, they “trip” to prevent the current from flowing. 

Signs That a Breaker Panel Needs Repairs

Since breaker panels are essential for keeping a home safe and for the proper operation of a home’s electrical system, it must be able to operate with no faults. When a homeowner notices a problem, they should call for breaker panel repair services immediately. Some of the issues that can arise with breaker panels include: 

  • Physical damage
  • Breakers tripping often 
  • Burnt smells
  • Breakers won’t reset
  • Flickering lights
  • Home additions

When To Replace a Faulty Breaker Panel


Like all equipment in a home, a breaker panel has an average life expectancy. A breaker panel is expected to last between 20 and 30 years. After this point, spare parts become outdated and hard to find, and the panel can be a safety hazard. If a home has an electrical panel that is two or three decades old, it may be best to start fresh with a break panel replacement. 

A homeowner should inspect their own panel and find the label plate that identifies its make and model. Then they should search the internet for that information. Over the years, panel manufacturers and models have been recalled and may be prone to causing fires. 

If the homeowner determines that their break panel is implicated in house fires, they should schedule immediately for breaker panel replacement with a trusted electrician.  

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