Keep Your Home Green This St. Patrick's Day to Avoid the Dreaded Pinch!

3 Ways to Help a Home Become More “Green”

The old habit of pinching someone who’s not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is still going strong. But another way to stay pinch-free is to help the home get “green” and eco-friendly. There’s no time like the present to help the environment and the home energy bills by utilizing some of these tips for a more green home. From using natural light to energy-efficient appliances to keeping the plugs empty when not in use, the following are ways homeowners can keep their homes green, not just for St. Paddy’s Day, but for every other day, too. 

The Wonders of Natural Light

woman at the window It’s amazing how much natural light can do for a home. Letting the sunshine in through the windows can reduce the need for light bulbs during the day. For those homes with dark corners where the sun doesn’t quite reach, the use of strategically-placed mirrors can work wonders. When used in conjunction with white walls, open doors, and open shades, the need for artificial light can dwindle significantly. 

It’s also a good idea to switch from old incandescent light bulbs to new LED bulbs. These new bulbs are more expensive, but they pay for themselves quickly. They use much less energy than incandescent bulbs and last much longer. 

Excellent Energy-Efficient Appliances

Light bulbs aren’t the only household products that have been improved in recent years. Innovation in clean energy and technology has made nearly every household appliance available in an eco-friendly version. New energy-efficient dishwashers help reduce the amount of water and electricity used when compared to older versions. 

New fridges are also making a big difference in energy bills. Fridges with freezers set on top are usually significantly more efficient than those with side or bottom freezers. Washing machines are another great way to save money while getting the home a little more green. Energy-efficient washers can use as little as 7,000 gallons of water a year, compared to 12,000 gallons on older models. 

But water isn’t the only thing being conserved. These new washers can use as little as 200 kilowatt-hours per year, while older models use as much as 400 kilowatt-hours. The best way to shop for new appliances is to look for ones with the Energy Star sticker on them. These appliances are required to meet or exceed the federal minimum standards for energy efficiency. 

Unplug The Outlets When Not in Use

unplug Lastly, keeping outlets unplugged when they’re not in use can cut down on “vampire energy devices,” which continue to use power even when they’re not being used. It won’t be long before the amount of energy used by these devices is small enough to be negligible, but until then, the simple act of unplugging a device that’s not in use can help a home stay green.

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