As Earth Month Comes To a Close, Learn About Alternative Energy!

What Is Alternative Energy?

Since fossil fuels are polluting the Earth's air, clean, renewable energy is by far the best route to go for producing electricity. Renewable energy can power an entire city such as New York City without producing any greenhouse gases, thus keeping the breathing air free of toxic fumes and prevent the global climate from progressing.

There is a multitude of renewable energy sources, some well known and others are on the down-low. Below are the three most common alternative energy sources.

  1. Wind Energy
  2. Solar Energy
  3. Nuclear Energy

Renewable Energy for Better Electricity

wind energy Wind Energy: Wind energy is an incredibly renewable and accessible natural source of energy. Since the natural element, wind, is not leaving Earth any time in our human lifespans, it is entirely renewable. A wind turbine produces zero greenhouse emissions and will provide energy for decades.
  • Solar Energy: Solar energy is the most commonly known source of alternative energy as it comes directly from the sun. Similar to wind energy, solar energy is entirely renewable and will provide energy for years. The only thing to note about solar energy is that since the sun can deteriorate materials over time, the mechanics used for solar energy can also deteriorate. 
  • Nuclear Energy: Nuclear energy is arguably the cleanest and best way to produce natural electricity for mass populations. Nuclear energy is harvested by splitting an atom to gain its heat, i.e., energy. The process is called fission. Bill Gates is known for putting New York City on the grid for 100 percent nuclear energy. He claims that the size of a penny full of nuclear energy will power the entire city for many years by doing so safely.

Alternative Clean Energy Homeowners Don’t Think About

Other possibilities for alternative energy besides the three potential sources listed above do include the following.

  • Geothermal power
  • Wave energy
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Space solar energy

Geothermal energy comes from the Earth. Wave and hydroelectric power are harnessed by water, and solar thermal energy and space solar energy come from the sun.

solar energy

The Perks of Alternative Energy

Fossil fuel is damaging our environment. Burning it to gain energy is affecting our climate and destroying our Ozone layers. By switching to alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, or nuclear, we can avoid further catastrophic damage. 

Think about it. We have gone through a pandemic for nearly a year and a half. The scientist has stated that they have found a dramatic change such as air pollution diminishing and water quality improving since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic.

By harnessing the power of the sun, water, and wind for electricity, there is a better chance of decreasing the planet's pollution levels.

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What You Need to Know About Your Fuse Box

Homeowners Guide to Fuse Box Service

During severe rainstorms, your electricity could go out. This could be a result of a problem at the electrical company or it could be something wrong with your fuse box. Knowing this, you will most likely check your fuse box out if your power goes out during a rainstorm.

When you check your fuse box, if the wall behind the fuse box is blackened as if it is burnt, you need to call an electrician as soon as possible. An electrician is trained to be able to handle this type of situation in the safest way possible with the least risk of an electrical fire in the home.

Without the help of electricians in society, businesses and homes would suffer. If you would like to learn more about how an electrician will fix and remove a fuse box in your home, continue reading below.

How to Remove a Fuse Box

how to removeA quick Google search will prepare you with a seemingly detailed how-to guide on removing the fuse box in your home. Removing a fuse box without the help of a professional is extremely frowned upon in the electrician industry.

Not because doing it yourself takes away from their business but rather because of the danger involved with removing your own fuse box.

Anytime you are messing with electricity, you put yourself at risk for being electrocuted and your home at risk of an electrical fire. That is why calling a professional is so important.

Some of the materials a professional will use to remove a fuse box are:

  • Screwdriver Set
  • Wrench
  • Socket Set
  • Pliers

Some electricians will want to have a manual nearby as well to ensure the job goes as smoothly as possible.

After the electrician arrives at your home, he will:

  • Have the Power Supply Shut Off
  • Remove the Fuses With Screwdriver
  • Unhook the Wires With the Pliers
  • Unscrew and Remove the Fuse Box

On paper, this job seems easily done without a professional, but it simply isn’t a good idea. You not only threaten your own life but the lives of your neighbors when you work on your fuse box without an electrician.

Repairing Your Fuse Box

A fuse box is made up of many different fuses, so most of the time when a fuse box needs to be repaired, it is one of the fuses that actually needs to be replaced.

how to fix

Replacing a fuse in your home doesn’t take a lot of steps and is actually pretty similar to removing the fuse box itself, and it is equally as dangerous, if not more dangerous.

Some of the materials required for this job are:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Fuse Puller
  • Replacement Fuse
  • Safety Equipment

Safety is the number one priority among electricians. When you hire a professional you can rest assured that the job will be done with proper care.

To replace a fuse in your fuse box, an electrician will:

  • Cut the Power to Your Home
  • Unscrew the Fuse
  • Unhook the Wire
  • Pull Out the Fuse
  • Replace the Fuse

With the help of a professional, the risk of an electrical fire in the home is significantly reduced. Not only this, but you can trust that the job is done properly with little to no stress or effort by you.

The Benefits of a Fuse Box Upgrade

upgrading a fuse boxThere are many benefits associated with upgrading your fuse box. Among the most important is the fact that a new fuse box will not overheat, reducing your risk of fire, plus it is likely to last a lot longer than your previous fuse box did.

New appliances and new technologies are installed into homes every day, so you also must ensure that your fuse box can withstand the power your home requires. As if this isn’t enough reason, upgrading your fuse box can also save you money on your monthly bill while simultaneously providing a more eco-friendly service.

There are virtually no downsides to upgrading your fuse box.

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