Highland Home Electrical Services

Efficient electrical services from a team you can count on.

When you need help with an outlet that won’t work or switch on the AC and the lights start flickering, the electricians at Trustworthy Electric can help restore normalcy. We employ a staff of highly trained and licensed electricians to ensure all electrical work is done correctly and according to state code.

Since 1994, we have been providing professional electrical services to residents and businesses in Highland Home, AL and the surrounding area. We offer a full range of electrical services from switches and sockets to rewiring and new electrical installations.

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Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

If the circuits in your circuit breaker keep tripping, you can rely on us to solve the problem. Switches not working? No problem. The GFCI outlet in your bathroom needs a replacement; we’ve got you covered. No matter how big or small the electrical problem, our electricians have all the tools and expertise to unravel the issue and implement safe solutions.

Upgrading Your Electrical Outlets

Whether your home is older or newer, you could benefit from upgrading your outlets. Here are a few modern kinds of outlets you should consider installing.

  • AFCI Outlets: Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets protect against electrical fires by preventing electricity from jumping between wires.
  • GFCI Outlets: Ground fault Circuit Interrupter outlets protect against electrocutions from water by halting the flow of electricity when a short circuit or ground fault is detected.
  • USB outlets: Since most modern devices use USB cords for power, some modern outlets have integrated USB ports into themselves. It’s convenient because you don’t need to have an adapter to power your devices.

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Electrical Panel Repair vs. Replacement

An electrical panel that keeps tripping and leaving you in the dark needs to be checked out by a professional. Here are a few tips on whether you’ll need to repair or replace your electric panel.

  • Flickering lights: Dimming or flickering lights while using household appliances point to overloaded circuits or outdated wiring. This is common in older homes and, in most cases, requires a breaker panel replacement.
  • Circuit breaker fails: Though circuit breakers work automatically by interrupting the flow of electricity when they detect overloaded or short circuits, they occasionally fail. When this happens, you don’t usually require a complete panel replacement. Having an electrician replace the malfunctioning breaker should suffice.
  • A burning smell: If your electrical panel feels warm to the touch or you notice a burning smell, this could be the result of a wiring issue. Although a repair may fix the problem, the best solution would be to replace your electrical panel.

Are you looking for electricians that will respond fast and provide you with quality results? Look no further than Trustworthy Electric. Contact us online to schedule an appointment or dial (334) 215-1782 today for services in Highland Home, AL and the surrounding area.