3 Tips For Electrical Savings When You Spring Forward

Every spring when daylight savings rolls around we’re thrilled to welcome the longer days. The anticipation of long summer days turning into those sweet summer nights is what gets us through the winter. But what we’re not thinking about is how those longs days are making your electrical use rise.

It’s common sense if you really think about it: longer, warmer days means lowering the air conditioning for a longer period of time, resulting in a higher bill. So this spring as the days begin to lengthen try implementing a few of these tips and help alleviate your HVAC unit and keep your bill at a steady price!

Give Your A/C a Break

cleanairLonger days mean longer hours where you need to use your air conditioning system. The long, hot summer days usually have us reaching for the thermostat to slap it down to a satisfying degree that will act as a frigid escape from the heat.

But wait before you touch the thermostat! Try turning on the fans in your house and moving the already cooled air around a bit. This movement will give the effect of a nice breeze and allow you to leave your thermostat at a higher temperature without sacrificing comfort.

Also, set your temperature at a higher setting, possibly 75, and allow your family to get used to it. This could help limit the runtime during the day.

Let in The Natural Light

naturallightOn those beautiful, mild Spring days we often enjoy in March, April and May, give your electricity bill a break by turning off the lights and letting in the natural light.

The sun is our best light and can cast warm and comforting rays into your home, unlike the unnatural overhead lighting we are all used to.

Giving your home lighting a break will also help ease the strain on your eyes from overhead and other lights in your home.

When we spring forward in March you’re able to benefit from the natural light for an even longer amount of time. Also, this can cut down on the wear and tear your indoor lighting undergoes daily, limiting the amount you need to replace every so often.

Hang Dry Your Laundry

hanglaundryAnother way to take advantage of those long daylight savings days is to hang dry your laundry. Dryers can use an unexpected amount of energy and add to your electricity bill in a big way.

Especially when you’re talking about doing laundry for a family of four (or more!) So daylight savings is the time to think about stringing a line in your backyard to hang dry your laundry.

You’ll get the benefit of a natural smell and alleviate your electricity bill at the same time. This is just a start on the ways you can save on your electric bill when daylight savings rolls around.

If you’re looking for more tips head to or call Trustworthy Electric at (334) 215-1782. So this year welcome daylight savings time with a plan to keep your electrical savings high and your electrical usage low!